Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Audi Hummingbird awards!

I worked on this advert for Audi about a year ago, and in 2012 we've had some great news - it was nominated for the VISUAL EFFECTS SOCIETY AWARDS in 3 categories: Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial, Outstanding Environments, and Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial.

I was particularly happy that we got a nomination for the character animation, since I animated the hummingbird, bees and ducks, as well as the flowers blowing in the wind! Unfortunately the marketing department in the company forgot to send the names of the animators in the team (Gemma Aliaga and myself), so you can only see the project leads' names on the VES website.

You can see our names here in the company page for that project, under 3D Artists:

Recently it also won the CG Commercial Award from the 3D WORLD CG AWARDS 2012:

And lastly, it was selected for the Advertising Producers Association Collection 2012, a collection that 'showcases the best commercials of the year from UK production, post and editing companies and UK agencies'.

You can see the full 60 second advert here:

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