Sunday, 16 August 2009

Virgin Media Shorts

'Ceci n'est pas une mouche' has been shortlisted for Virgin Media Shorts! The 12 shortlisted films will be transferred to 35mm and shown all over the UK in over 200 cinemas for a year, which is pretty much the best prize I could ever think of.

One of the competition organisers told me during an interview I should be especially proud to have my first animated film making the shortlist, because many of the other film-makers are very well established people in the industry, having directed commercials, music videos, etc. for years, and that the UK Film Council helped choose these finalists based on how promising the film-makers were, and considering how successful they would be in future projects. It was quite amazing to hear that.

We recorded an interview the other day, there was a photo shoot with me sitting in a director's chair (which they gave me as a present afterwards!), and I was also interviewed for the Harrow Observer and will be featured there on Thursday the 20th of August.

A jury will decide which one of the film-makers will get funding for a new short film, and there is also a People's Choice award on the website, so if you can please go there and give me your vote and leave a comment!

The film is also in the Portable Film Festival in Australia, so please vote for it on their website too if you have some time:

It is also part of the official selection of:

- Animation Attack! (USA, 2009)
- NextFrame (USA, 2009)
- Bitfilm Festival (Germany, 2009)
- Cartoon Club International Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics (Italy, 2009)
- Bornshorts International Film Festival (Denmark, 2009)
- Budapest Short Film Festival (Hungary, 2009)
- Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival (Canada, 2009)
- China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (China, 2009)
- Festival d'Oise du Court (France, 2009)
- International Low & No Budget Short Film Festival (Germany, 2009)
- Animacam (Spain, 2009)

And the film will be featured in 3D World Magazine in September as one of the nominated films for the Bitfilm Awards!

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