Thursday, 18 June 2009

Comic-Con / IMDB / Festivals: Canada, Scotland, Russia, South Africa, Italy and Brazil!

'Ceci n'est pas une mouche' is now part of the official selection of the:

- Toronto Animated Image Society Animation Showcase (at the NFB Cinema - what an honour!);
- Message to Man International Film Festival (St Petersburg, Russia);
- Durban International Film Festival (South Africa);
- and... COMIC-CON!!! The Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival will happen in San Diego as part of the massive conference. Wish I could be there for the screening!!

I have been contacted by organisers of other festivals that were present at some of the screenings and have now invited me to show the film in their events! These include:

- Festcine - Festival de Cinema Universitario (which happens in Brazil in my hometown Belo Horizonte and in Rio!);
- Animation Film Festival of Dervio;
- and ISCA - Istituto per lo Studio del Cinema di Animazione di Milano.

Continuing with the list, last week it was screened at the Leith Short Film Festival in Edinburgh. Beautiful city!

For those of you that speak German, the film has been featured on the 'Britspotting' website in their spotlight section, with a very funny description:

It finished its run as a semifinalist in the Yobi Film Contest, making the top 10, and it had almost 50,000 views on the website!

The film also has a page on IMDB now! Because of some of the festival screenings, I was invited by them to set up a page, and now it's up with a trailer and everything =) Check it out on

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