Monday, 10 November 2008

Statement about my film in Imagine magazine

The September/October issue of Imagine magazine had an article on the short films we did at Central Saint Martins for the National Gallery as our final projects.

There is an introduction on the project and statements from three animators, Rachel Thorn, Peter Kasim and myself. We are already in November, but I hope you can still find that issue of the magazine in book stores. If not, here is the first page with the introduction and my statement:

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messytimbo said...

congrat on getting a shout out in this mag dude, thats big.

it's funny you said you was gonna go life drawing on tuesday, because i did the exactly the same thing. i was on my way there and it was getting to late, and i didn't think i'd make it, so i turned back.

we definately gotta go together soon man.

see ya